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Aug 14, 2009 6:00am EDT
bit. the president himself will be out in montana today. he wants to try to put a face on these town hall meetings, that are different from what we've seen so far. the white house recognizes it's got a problem. it's got approval ratings on health care back where bill clinton was in 1993. that's an ominous sign. the debate is, overtaken by thing that are not part of the bill. the debate about death panel. even the debate about public option is so far down the line on what's actually possible at the end of this thing. it's not where the white house wants to be. they have to move into a position where the president can say exactly what he's for, what he's against and try to mobilize the support for this thing because of real fears out there. i mean, it's not just crazy people at town hall meetings who are making claims that are beyond the pail, it's real concern. people showing up at town hall meetings are really worried about what happens to their benefi benefits? what happens to medicare? some real issues out there. >> this is ivanka speaking. the problem for me, not, in the health ca
Aug 24, 2009 6:00am EDT
england and around the del mar pep nininspe. into montana and north dakota, look for scattered showers and thunderstorms. let's take a look at your current airport delays right now across the northeast. flying out of boston's logan, laguardia and newark, philadelphia, no current airport delays. approximate national highlights, boston, low clouds, 78 degrees for the high. charlotte, north carolina, 86. miami, lower 90s there. as we move into the midwest, fairly quiet conditions around springfield, missouri, 82. corpus christi, hot there. portland, 82 degrees for your travel today. around tucson, scattered showers and some thunderstorms. now back to you. >> thanks very much. let's get a look at this morning's upgrades and downgrades. advanced micro, up graded to a high, up to $5.50. talking about a favorable risk reward profile. cheesecake factory upgraded from underweight to neutral. somebody said who would have thought cheesecake is underweight? hard to take some of this research seriously when the lead story in the journal this morning is about goldman sachs having what they call thes
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2